Dems fall apart after Mueller meltdown and Trump shoves it down their throats

Robert Mueller fell apart during his Congressional hearing this week. He seemed lost, confused, and like he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the hearing that talked about the mostly wrong Steele Dossier. Robert Mueller stumbled during questioning when Matt Gaetz went after him, calling Mueller out for having things in his report that Mueller acted clueless about.

As soon as it was over, everyone flocked to social media to share their opinions on it and it really seems like the Democrats in general are absolutely falling apart over Mueller's disastrous performance this week. Not to mention the fact that an FBI spreadsheet proved Steele Dossier was mostly unverified and incorrect, but they used it against Trump anyway.

Now that Trump is in the clear, like many of his supporters believed, there does not seem to be any solid grounds for impeachment.


And what happens when Trump wins? Well, he goes on Twitter to talk about it. And what he said has his haters throwing a fit at this point.

Trump is shoving this victory down Democrat throats.

See here...


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