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DENIED! Meek Mill To Remain In Prison After Attorney Tries To Get Him Out

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is serving a two-to-four-year prison sentence for violating probation multiple times from charges related to guns and drugs. He's gathered lots of support in his case to free him from behind bars, but Judge Genice Brinkley planted the gavel hard on the wood and solidly required him to serve the sentencing that he was granted. Unfortunately for Mill, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, the 30-year-old actor will remain in prison.

His case has been touted as a personal vendetta by the judge, however many others believe that Mill should be required to serve his sentence in full, as other criminals have to serve theirs as well. Just because someone in prison receives support from people outside of prison, that does not mean that the prisoner should be let free.


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Philly Voice reported more on Mill's charges and the situation with Judge Brinkley: "The Philadelphia native was arrested twice while on probation, first for a fight at a St. Louis airport and later for reckless driving of a dirt bike in New York City. The charges were dropped in the airport case and Williams took a dismissal deal in the second case.

Last month, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said he would not oppose Meek Mill's release from jail pending the outcome of an appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The D.A.'s office filed a motion in Common Pleas Court noting a high likelihood that Meek Mill's 2008 gun and drug conviction will be reversed. Prosecutors cited allegations that the rapper's arresting officer in the case, Reggie Graham, lied under oath during his trial.

Meek Mill's attorneys also filed a pair of affidavits including testimony from two former police offers who questioned Graham's credibility. His name appeared on former D.A. Seth Williams' secretive list of current and former Philadelphia law enforcement officers who may have provided unreliable court testimony. Williams has since been convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison."

Actions have consequences and probation is a second chance at freedom. Anyone who violates probation, no matter how big or small the violation is, should remember that violations come with consequences that could require prison time.

The logical solution is to not break the law.


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