Denzel Washington to Black Families: Stop Blaming the System

The extremely talented Denzel Washington had some very choice words for Black American families. He may catch some backlash for what he said, but if everyone listens to him, then you'll see his point is very valid and it extends to everyone in the country, not just Black America. Denzel said that we should stop blaming the prison system because it all starts at home.

Washington speaks about the prison system and how people make it easy for themselves to get sent to jail. He wants families to be more involved wants people to stop blaming outside reasons. For example, he mentions that too many kids grow up without fathers. Pair the loss of a father with an uneducated mother who doesn't raise her kids because she's too busy playing on her phone all day and you've got yourself a child, or children, who have no true parents. They grow up on their own, run the house, have no rules, and are undisciplined and sent into the world every day where they know nothing at all but how to act instinctively and survive.

Bad people are often a direct result of bad parents. How can a child be raised right if he has no father and his mother is a waste of skin deadbeat welfare abuser? What is that child ever going to learn? The only things they'll learn is what's on the streets and that's what often gets kids locked up when they're older.

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Washington's new film has him starring as a worn down attorney in Roman J. Israel, Esq. and this film may have had an influence on his choice of words which are extremely factual.

He was talking to reporters in New York, at a downtown premier and he said “It starts at home... It starts with how you raise your children. If a young man doesn’t have a father figure, he’ll go find a father figure. So you know I can’t blame the system...It’s unfortunate that we make such easy work for them.

Washington refers to easy work in relation to kids growing up with no parents, or useless parents, and eventually finding themselves in trouble on the streets.

Washington is right. How can any of us blame the system when most everything we do is our own fault? If we're raised bad, then we'll probably be bad. If we're raised right, then we'll probably be alright. We have such a higher chance of being placed in prison because of our actions when we have no parental support as a child. If we don't have that father figure and strong mother figure pushing us in the right direction at an early age, then our will to survive often takes us down a dark road that's hard to escape from.

For people who find themselves in situations where they might go to prison, they should think about why they are doing that action and what is the reason for it? If people know they will go to jail for committing a crime, then why do they continue breaking the law? Is it because they had no rules as children and they assume rules don't apply to them now?

Did their parents not read them stories or do homework with them, and now they're uneducated and feel like crime is the only way they can pay their bills?

Think about this - why do people break the law in the first place? No job and need money? That's understandable when you're desperate. If you have no skills because you had no parental figure guiding you in the right direction, then perhaps you have a higher chance of falling on hard times and committing yourself to a life of crime.

What about when people get older and they still break the law? Wouldn't it be better to find a way to gain job training and then make themselves marketable to a job? At some point the people will be too old to "blame the parents at the house" and it won't be an excuse anymore. For people who hit a certain age, let's say 25-years-old for example - they should know better by then (or long before).

Is Denzel Washington right? Does the lack of good parents increase a child's chances of landing in prison?

Is it ever the prison system's fault?

If you break the law, then how is it the fault of the prison system?

What do you think? 

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