The American education system just got a major victory in the world of common sense and struck down a defeat towards the gender confused liberals of America. We just learned that the Department of Education is DONE WITH the Transgenders and their bathroom issues. OH MY FREAKING GOD! THANK YOU FOR THIS! Americans are sick and tired of males trying to infringe on women's rights by forcing themselves into the ladies bathroom. Real men aren't interested in ladies who try peeing standing up either!

Betsy DeVos may not have been the sharpest crayon on the entire planet, but the Department of Education finally did something right? Let's not forget that the Department of Education is fairly useless and not exactly needed, but to hear they are also done with the transgender bathroom debate is fantastic news. It's great to see this sick and depraved liberal gender-bender-agender tossed out the window like a rotten salad.

Obama and Michelle are probably super mad right now. It was Obama that seemed to have a lust for the transgender movement and that's when liberals tried to normalize a mental illness that makes guys think they're women and dress up in their mother's out-of-style hand-me-downs. It's about time too, because this whole acceptance of transgender nonsense is making normal people look like "transphobists" which is fine - I'd rather be a transphobe than have some 6-foot tranny pissing next to my daughter. 

According to The Daily Wire and BuzzFeed, the Department of Education will no longer investigate complaints from transgender students if they're not allowed into the opposite sex bathrooms based on their "chosen gender." Sounds great to me. I don't want boys and girls in the same bathroom and neither should you. Can anyone get some privacy around here? Can men stop trying to dress like ugly chicks just to spy on, or sexually assault, the girls in the bathroom?

The Daily Wire reported on a BuzzFeed article:

On Thursday, Buzzfeed asked Liz Hill, a spokesperson for the Department of Education, if restroom complaints from transgender students are not covered by a 1972 federal civil rights law called Title IX. Hill answered, “Yes, that’s what the law says,” adding on Friday, “Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, not gender Identity.”
Hill made it clear that some complaints by transgenders students will indeed be investigated, but bathroom complaints will not be among them. She stated, “Where students, including transgender students, are penalized or harassed for failing to conform to sex-based stereotypes, that is sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. n the case of bathrooms, however, long-standing regulations provide that separating facilities on the basis of sex is not a form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

Sex and gender identity are not the same. Thank you, Title IX for having some logic behind this. Thank you, Liz Hill for throwing that common sense around and basing the decision on logic and facts, rather than feelings.

Just remember folks, a penis does not belong in the same bathroom as a little girl.

If you think it does, then you're part of the problem.

Posted on February 12, 2018 in News and filed under education, transgender.
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