Destiny vs Halo dance off, what happens next is awesome

Destiny vs Halo I was scrolling Facebook and saw this hilarious Destiny vs Halo dance off. At first I thought, wow, those costumes are LEGIT. Then I though, OK, the Warlock knows the exact moves you can do in the game. Then Master Chief attempts his dance move. What happened next was unexpected.


My thoughts are that Destiny is what Bungie wanted to turn Halo into, but they just couldn?t bring that much change for the hardcore fans. Halo must remain Halo, but Destiny will forge its own path. Except, Destiny doesn?t have forge!


Unfortunately for Halo, I personally think 343 ruined it. It just doesn?t feel the same. Bungie?s Destiny has the smooth game play that a true FPS needs, but I certainly miss playing Capture the Flag. Rift is cool, but it?s not even half as fun or good as classic CTF. Who do you like better in a Destiny vs Halo vote? I like Destiny because I like Bungie. What about you?