94 of 97 Detroit Public schools closed for this shocking reason

The Detroit Public School system faces a major dilemma as 94 out of 97 schools were closed when teachers hosted a "sick out" in protest to the district not guaranteeing that the teachers will be paid. This is a step backward in labor relations, because if someone works, then they deserve to get paid.

detroit teacher sick out

Teacher salaries are among the least respectable when you consider how important their job is. Teachers provide skills to people who go on to bigger and better jobs. Without teachers, no one would have the job they have now, nor would anyone be able to read this website. Without teachers, I couldn't type this post. It's time for people to appreciate?teachers, pay them a?higher?salary (especially in challenging urban public schools), and give them the respect that they're owed for helping pave the path to everyone else's future. The teachers in Detroit deserve to get paid if they go to work and they should not be expected to work for free. The Philadelphia School District is going through similar tough times, as they're ran by a corrupt administration that continues wasting?money on fraudulent charter schools, taking money away from the children in typical public schools, and systematically disrespecting teachers and neighborhood families.

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