Guy With Huge Face Tattoo Complains He Can't Find Work

Mark Cropp is a 19-year-old father who recently spent two years in prison for pulling a knife on a tourist during a drug deal where he was selling fake cannabis.

He shared a jail cell with his brother who convinced him to get a DEVAST8 tattoo ON HIS FACE so the other prisoners wouldn't mess with him.

After drinking a lot of prison home brew, and some convincing from his brother, he got the massive and poorly inked tattoo right across the mouth area of his face.

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Now he's out of jail and moving on with his life, but there's one thing he can't do. He can't get a job because no one will hire him with that horrible tattoo across his face.

19-year-old, Mark Cropp, recently spent two years in prison where he was serving a sentence for pulling out a knife on a tourist during a drug deal where Cropp was trying to sell fake cannabis.

Weirdly, in jail Cropp found himself in a cell with his brother who convinced him to get the ‘DEVEST8’ tattoo so that other prisoners wouldn’t pick on him, according to the New Zealand Herald.

People in prison are going to worry about getting attacked and do weird things to protect themselves. From grouping up with friends, making pacts, or making shanks - everyone needs a way to protect themselves. This was Cropp's way to fend off attackers, but it has had a horrible lasting effect in the real world.

Now that he's been released from prison for his violent crime, Cropp wants to turn his life around and getting a job would be a great start for him. But with a tattoo like that, he does not look very professional. Even if he has the skills and the enthusiasm required for a particular job, the employers simply don't want to hire him based on his rather ghetto and frightening appearance. Employers will hire someone else who can do the same job.

This guy made a stupid decision to listen to his brother's idiot advice while serving his sentence and now he can't shake the effects of it.

Does that mean he should suffer and not get hired by an employer based on his skills and positive attitude? I don't believe so, but we all know the world is a cruel place and people DO make judgements.

If he is keen and eager to take on a job, wants to do well, and is willing to get work, then I don't see where a stupid mistake should hinder his chances of getting a job. Except, this is a face tattoo that is quite horrible looking and it would be hard for any employer to take this guy serious.

Would it scare the customers? Perhaps. It may get funny looks and or he might be laughed at, but that is the price he will pay for making a stupid decision in prison.

We live in a world where we're not supposed to discriminate based on looks and other factors, but who would want this guy at their place of employment when he looks like a bad Halloween mask?

If he wants to be taken more serious, then perhaps he can work on having the tattoo removed or he can grow a beard to hide it.

Hopefully Mark Cropp finds a job turn to his life around for the better.

Have you ever made a bad decision that has affected your ability to get a job?

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: he has received lots of job offers after stories like this one have been shared! Great job!

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