Devin Nunes is going wild over this new app

Devin Nunes, a vocal figure in the Obamagate investigations, is going absolutely wild over this new app. It's just like Twitter in the sense you can post short messages, links, etc (just like here too, kinda), and he's all over Twitter asking people about it.

The app is called Parler and you can get it on your phone and desktop, so it's available to pretty much anyone.

One of the caveats of it is that they promote less restrictions on speech, so people can say more of what they want without fear of being censored by big tech Twitter.

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It's how social media used to be - back when we would post all of our wildest memes and jokes and no one really cared or cried about it.

But big tech social media started getting a big carried away and people were reporting things that didn't need to be reported, or getting penalized for things that typically did not deserve it.

Either way, Devin Nunes is all about this Parler app and he's going nuts on Twitter talking about it.

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Can Parler handle it? We shall see.

If you want to find me on there, I am

Now here's a few samples of Devin Nunes chatting it up!


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