Did Tucker Carlson get suspended?

Tucker Carlson is going fishing with his son and his show will be back on August 19. Or will it? Carlson took some backlash after saying that white supremacy is a "hoax" - not long after a week with two mass shootings, one of which appeared to target Hispanics.

Carlson stated at the end of a show that he is “headed to the wilderness to fish with my son." He also stated that "politics is important, fishing with your son, sometimes more important. So I’m doing it."

This was just one night after he made the comment that white supremacy is “not a real problem in America,” and called it a "hoax" being used to cause a major divide among Americans.

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As expected, the people who dislike Carlson had a lot to say about these comments, as did those who host competing shows.

Is Tucker Carlson suspended?

We don't know. However, based on the following quote found in an article on Adweek, "the network says Carlson’s vacation was planned far in advance, and that he will be back."

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Is that their way of saying he's suspended, without actually saying he's suspended?

We don't know.

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