Disgraced Harvey Weinstein going blind, losing teeth, lawyer claims

The disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is not looking good. His health appears to be on the decline as his lawyer claims he's going blind and losing teeth. Besides that, he's got other health issues going on and it's not looking good for him.

TMZ reported on Harvey's situation, saying:

The disgraced movie producer appeared Monday for his extradition hearing via video conference along with his attorneys, Mark Werksman and Norman Effman, who argued against him being sent to L.A. for "humanitarian" reasons.

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Effman claims Weinstein is technically blind and has major dental issues -- he's allegedly lost 4 teeth and is in danger of losing more. According to his lawyer, prison officials in NY have scheduled 2 medical procedures for Weinstein ... one for his sight and one for his teeth.

On top of all this ... Effman says his client's still suffering from cardiac issues, diabetes and back pain, along with sleep apnea.

It's unclear how Harvey's alleged victims feel about this.

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Weinstein also claimed he was part of an unfair trial as recently seen on this YouTube video.

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