Philip Queree is a junior doctor from New Jersey was working in the Channel Islands. He has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a woman he met on the popular dating app Tinder.  The pair had consensual sex, but later, the unnamed woman filed charges against him and he has essentially lost his career. Her charges were specifically because he grabber her breasts and she did not want him to grab her breasts. Even though breast touching might be normal during consensual sex, she did not particularly want hers grabbed, so naturally she had sex anyway and filed the charges.

It is reported that Queree had consensual sex with the woman, but she decided that she didn't want her breasts grabbed during consensual sex and filed charges on the man. While many people consider breast grabbing a natural occurrence during consensual sex, this woman thought differently and now a man's career is in shambles.

The junior doctor is a medical student who is in postgraduate studies and is allowed to practice medicine as part of his postgraduate training which culminates in achieving full medical doctorate status. The victim stated to the magistrate that she did not give Queree consent to touch her breasts during sex, especially not in the excessive way that he did.

She said that he pulled her hair roughly and groped her breasts to the point of being left with bruises.

The Magistrate Bridget Shaw weighed the evidence, which was mostly her word and what she told family and friends shortly after the incident, and found that Queree surely withdrew her consent to manhandle her breasts during their first sexual encounter which occurred on their second date.

Shaw found that Queree continued to assault the unnamed victim forcibly which essentially caused her great pain.  She continued that Queree touched her in an intimate part of her body and in a manner that was not consensual and that, by nature, is assault and that he was to be found guilty of the indecent assault charge.

This whole case as initiated after the victim had consulted with her family, friends and eventually a lawyer.  She had the bruises to prove how aggressive Queree was and complained of not being able to olift her arm without pain, and great discomfort across her entire shoulder.

After the incident, the woman showed Queree the bruises that he caused and he only replied that he needed to go reflect on what he had done, say reports.

Mr. Queree was also ordered to be places on the sexual offender's list, essentially ending any career aspirations he might have and, according to his family, causing him to result in living on welfare at his parent's house due to this sexual offender status.

Queree was also order to pay about $2,600 to the court for part of the costs incurred to prosecute the case.

While we may never know the intimate details 100%, it can be said that Queree got off considerable easy as he was initially charged with two other violations of criminal assault but dropped them and persued only the indecent assault charge.  So things could have been worse for him.

Norman Queree, Phillip's father said that Phillip is planning to appeal the court's findings and to speak further might hurt the appeal.

NOTE: The woman in the picture is not the woman who filed the charges. It is a screenshot that looks like a dating app photo.

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