Doctor performs head transplant on monkey, plans human head transplant next

A team at Harbin Medical University was able to connect the blood supply from the monkeys head to the body. It was reported that the monkey lived for 22 hours after the operation before death, the monkey could have lived longer is they had connected the spinal cord. They also discovered if they lower the temperature of the head to -15 degrees Celcius the monkey's head avoided brain injury.  After experimenting on animals and corpses, Sergio Canavero announced that he is ready to test on a living human. Is the world ready to watch the first human head severed and placed on a new body?

A maverick surgeon who plans to transplant a human head onto another body has successfully performed the operation on a monkey, he claims.

Sergio Canavero made the shocking claim after a series of experiments on animals and human corpses, according to New Scientist.

Canavero said, ‘The monkey fully survived the procedure without any neurological injury of whatever kind.’

Canavero claims that researchers led by Xiaoping Ren at Harbin Medical University connected up the blood supply between the head and the new body.

They did not attempt to connect the spinal cord, and the monkey died 22 hours later – but Canavero says that the experiment shows that if a monkey’s head is cooled to -15 °C it can survive the operation without brain injury.

New Scientist points out that no one has as yet verified Canavero’s claims.

In the picture above you can see the first volunteer for the transplant surgery, Valery Spiridonov. He is an extremely ill Russian man that sees his current situation worse than death or an even worse quality of life. Can this be a solution for Spiridonov or is he going to be a fatal mistake?

On one hand, this is a cool idea because we could solve skeletal diseases and even give veterans their arms and legs back after returning from war. What are the bad things that can come out of this advancement? The one thing that comes to mind for me is the black market, as it already has so much crime involving the sale of organs. Now rather than organs, they will look for bodies that are in good shape to sell causing more murder in the world.

When I look at this, I look for the worst or most screwed up things because if the few good things outweigh the bad then you can face the risks with confidence. What do you think of the whole head transplant business? Do you think that the risks are worth the possible good that can come of this new technology? Be sure to share this story and leave your comments as they should be the back bone of this post.

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