Man posts Illegal Dog Selfie, police may confiscate the pooch

A dog selfie may be the reason that a newly adopted dog is taken away from his owner. Dog selfies are not illegal, but this particular dog may have an ordinance named after him. The dog's name is Sir Wiggleton, renamed Diggy, and it spent about 100 days in the Detroit Dog Rescue facility. Diggy waited for someone to rescue him. His day finally came and he went home with excited new owner Dan Tillery. Tillery was so excited to take care of? Diggy because this is one pup who so desperately needed a home. To show his excitement and pride in ownership, they posed for a dog selfie and posted it to Facebook. Tillery's dog selfie was shared about 6,000 times and received 27,000 likes. It traveled a bit throughout social media and was shown on several media programs. It got around quite a bit. It even found its way to the Waterford police!

When your dog selfie becomes a problem!

That's when things went drastically wrong. Tillery lives in a town where it's illegal to own pit bulls. The police think Diggy is a pit bull. This is where Tillery finds out that his dog selfie could lead to Diggy being taken away and possible euthanized. dog selfie

Upon all of this happening, Tillery has claimed that Diggy is a bull dog. He even received some official paperwork from the adoption agency to support his case as a bull dog. This is good news because bull dogs are not illegal in Waterford Township. Hopefully Diggy and the new owner will be OK. As of now, Diggy and Tillery are still happily united and we hope it stays that way. Before you post a dog selfie, make sure the dog isn't possibly illegal in your township!