DOJ Spokeswoman addresses Beltway rumors about a Bill Barr resignation

Several sources were reporting that Attorney General Bill Barr may have considered putting in his resignation amid the scandal revolving around him, President Donald Trump, and Roger Stone getting a lighter sentence (which was more fair). These were mainstream sources and some people on social media who like to think of themselves as reliable sources.

For example, even ABC News reported on the possibility of Bill Barr putting in his resignation and suggested that he was considering it.

ABC News used the title "Barr mulls resigning over Trump's tweets: Sources" and if you notice one thing at the end, it just says "sources." OK, but who are those sources and are they reliable? That remains unclear.


Just hours after President Donald Trump openly defied his public pleas to stop tweeting about criminal matters in the Justice Department, Attorney General Bill Barr told people close to Trump Tuesday that he is considering resigning over the tweets that Barr had previously said make it “impossible” to do his job, sources tell ABC News. 

It turns out that Bill Barr will not resign and that rumor was squashed by the Department of Justice spokesperson, Kerri Kupec - a person with an actual name and job title, unlike random Internet sources that don't amount to anything.

It was lovely when the spokesperson for Bill Barr at the Department of Justice squashed the rumors of his resignation and she only needed one sentence to do it.


Kupec said, from her verified account, "Addressing Beltway rumors: The Attorney General has no plans to resign."

And there you have it. The rumor about Bill Barr possibly resigning can be put to rest now.

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