If you have a dollar like this, then it's worth thousands!

Check your pockets! If you have a dollar bill that looks like one of these, then you might have hundreds or thousands in your hand!

According to the website, Cool Serial Numbers, there's certain dollars that have a much higher value. These bills generally consist of various patterns with the note's serial number. It could be in patterns where it's called a ladder, which is doubles of several numbers in a row. It could be a series of the same digit 4-7 times in a row, such as 0000000. And there are even requests for some dollars to have serial numbers that are relevant only to the person seeking them.

Some of the bills are worth more than $2,000.

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Imagine having a dollar in your hand and realizing that you really have $2,500!

Here's a few samples which are from the site CoolSerialNumbers.

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This dollar bill from 1935 with that serial number is worth $1,000. See the consecutive 0's in the serial number?

This dollar bill is also worth $1,000. Notice the multiple 0's in the serial number?

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This bill is worth $1,250 and has another set of consecutive 0's.

This is my favorite. It's worth $2,500 and the serial number looks like it says BOOOOOOO!

I'm going to check every dollar I own for now on!!

Will you?

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