Kijuana Nige, a self proclaimed model (not even close) and reported stripper, posted a video to Facebook showing what appeared to be Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster recording himself doing lines of what appeared to be cocaine - all while professing his love for the woman before finally exclaiming he wished he was doing the lines off her p___y.  Foerster is a married man and one of the highest paid assistant coaches in the NFL, commanding 2-3 million dollars per year.  Not bad for being the guy in charge of the guys who keep Jay Cutler off the couch.

Foerster resigned from the Dolphins organization just hours after the video was leaked on Facebook. The Dolphins said in a statement that they have no tolerance for behavior like this and and elaborated on how they parted ways with Foerster.  They detailed a meeting they had with him where he accepted full responsibility, apologized and they tendered his resignation effective immediately.

Foerster made his own statement apologizing to the Dolphins organization and it's believe he will seek treatment and support.  He didn't say what the treatment was for, and speculation that it may be for a drug problem is shaky as he mentioned on the video that he knew what he was doing was wrong and he didn't intend on doing it for a long time.  To me, it was just something he had to say.  Kind of like when a celebrity gets caught cheating, they check themselves into sex rehab.

In the video that was posted Foerster can be heard saying how much he misses whomever the video was addressed to.  He used a $20 bill, which is in notoriously bad taste on the Hollywood scene, as $100 bills are handled less and are essentially thought to be cleaner, making any lower denominations supposedly inferior.  

Watch the video and tell us your opinion in the comments.

Foerster was doing his second stint with the Dolphins, his first position was as offensive coordinator in 20014.  Between the 2004 season and now, he bounced between various other teams, usually for about a year or two.

As for Kijuana Nige's motives, she posted a followup statement on her Facebook page saying that it was in support of the NFL kneeling controversy and Colin Kaepernick not being hired for a football team, which she might consider is in retaliation to his national anthem protests that have plagued the league and turned fans away.  She also said that she had more damning videos and other shockers in a threat that seemed to be aimed at the NFL, but we're not 100% certain because she has not released any other videos yet.

The NFL itself has done nothing to stop the unpatriotic displays of disrespect by the NFL players protesting the anthem. Colin Kaepernick is not an elite level quarterback like he once was. He could easily be a backup or third string quarterback, but he would cost too much and he comes with baggage. Football is business and teams won't pay too much for a player to sit the bench and protest flags.

One can deduce by Nige's statements strongly against the phrase, "All lives matter," that she believes only black lives matter, hence throwing a white married guy with three kids under the bus is righteous toward her cause.

With that being said, Foerster obviously should not be doing drugs, and certainly should not record it and send it to an alleged stripper who appears to have very solid breast implants. There's a high chance a girl like that leaks the video to make herself get a few extra followers. She knows what she did was for her own good to get in the spotlight for five minutes, but now everyone knows what she's all about and NFL players and coaches won't be throwing a stack of ones at her any time soon.

Not sure what Foerster was thinking. What a terrible idea that was and now he's paying up for the consequences. She's not the one who made the video, but she clearly used it to prop herself up on that world stage for a five minute show. She's clearly the lesser of two evils in this scenario. Although, her Facebook page might be taking some hot fire since she's a Trump hater and pushing up the black power fist which many people consider racist. People also consider it the black equivalent of the Heil Hitler salute.

Always remember, you can't turn a ho into a housewife.

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