Don Lemon chides pastor who wouldn't label Trump a racist

During a recent interview with Reverend Bill Owens, CNN host and debate moderator Don Lemon found himself almost at a loss of words. Not because his journalistic or interview skills are average at best, but instead because he couldn't get a black pastor to agree with the mainstream media narrative that Trump is a racist.

The interview comes on the heels of Donald Trump's recent criticisms on the city of Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings. Rather than move to a different topic or come to an agreement, Lemon refused to accept what Rev. Bill Owens had to say.  


Instead of talking about the meeting that took place between Donald Trump and the 20 black pastors on Monday, which had nothing to do with Trump's recent comments about Cummings, Lemon instead chose to focus on Trump and his racist ways. Clearly, Lemon was more concerned with pinning Trump for racist remarks than the actual problems Baltimore currently faces. 

Lemon tried to lure Rev. Owens into saying even the slightest thing that he could spin into a racist statement, but Owens wasn't having it.  

"The meeting was how can we help the black community," Owens responded. Lemon kept pressing, despite Owens remaining firm on his opinion and stance on the subject. At this point, it was fairly clear that Lemon simply couldn't accept that Rev. Owens would not agree with him. "I know it’s hard for you. You think it’s hard to believe that Trump is racist," Lemon said.


"I find President Trump [attacks] leaders of all colors. He attacks who he will. He’s his own man," Owens responded. "I can’t dictate what he should or should not do. But he does not just attack black people. He attacks anybody. And you know it."

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In shock, Lemon turned to attacking Rev. Owens faith, essentially saying that he could not possibly be a man of faith unless he agreed with him that Trump was a racist. "So as a man of faith, as a Christian, you're saying he attacks anyone. It sounds like you’re condoning attacks? Is that Christianly or Godly?" Lemon asked, in a last ditch effort to force Owens' hand. 

"I'm just stating a statement of fact," Owens replied. "I’m not condoning anything. I'm stating a statement of fact. President Trump does not pick the people he attacks because of color. He attacks anybody he feels needs it ... I’m not his judge." 

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