Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly - Interview on Fox

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly meet for an interview tonight on Fox and we're hoping it's a quote happy fiesta full of mic drop one liners and words that people in safe spaces find offensive.

Donald Trump VS Megyn Kelly

If you look up Donald Trump's most offensive quotes, you'll find that 99% of them are not offensive at all. In fact, Donald Trump isn't the problem- it's everyone else. People have taken his words too literally or made them bigger than what they really were. Trump has a sometimes quick wit that involves a touch of sarcasm. We're not used to his type of personality in a political realm when we're suffering through the boredom of Obama. Sure, Obama sometimes had a good line or two if it was scripted months before he said it and he practiced a few times, but Obama doesn't have that flair or personality that Donald Trump has. Donald Trump Megyn Kelly Neither does Megyn Kelly, who really wouldn't be much of a thing if it wasn't for Donald Trump promoting her to a level of success that she could not have attained on her own. When Trump said she was bleeding out of somewhere, that actually made people look up Megyn Kelly on Google. I didn't even know who she was for a while and I thought it was odd that Trump would tweet about a woman who I believed to be rather unknown. Trump took a lot of heat for insulting Rosie O'donnell and calling her a fat pig. But in all honesty, she kind of is a fat pig. She wouldn't look nice in a bikini and she does remind me of the intelligence of a pig. I find it sad that Donald Trump admitted to insulting her and that's not cool with people? The guy can't dislike anyone? I bet everyone reading this someone at work that they cannot stand. What do we think Megyn Kelly will ask Donald Trump in the interview tonight? Will she bring up Rosie? Foreign affairs? Obamacare? Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Ted Cruz and John Kasich? Watching 69 year old Donald Trump interviewed by 45 year old Megyn Kelly could be a very fun show on Fox at 8.