Don't watch this video before you sleep

The P Regalis might give you nightmares.

It's called the Poecilotheria regalis and the babies might cause nightmares if you have even the tiniest amount of arachnophobia. Some people call it P Regalis for short. I call it NOPE NOPE NOPE! p regalis

Wikipedia - Poecilotheria regalis is a species of arboreal tarantulas from the Western and Eastern Ghats, India.[1] The common name for this spider is Indian ornamental tree spider, or simply Indian ornamental. It is one of the most popular arboreal tarantulas for amateur collectors. Their legspan sometimes exceeds 7?inches (18?cm).

I believe the man in the P regalis video breeds the spiders, then pulls the egg sac out after they breed. Next I think he watches over the baby spiders as they come out of the eggs. Finally, the cute little P Regalis spiders become big scary tarantulas.

They're already scary enough. I don't need to see anymore. I don't care if they're the most friendly thing on the planet. They still look scary to me, as a result, I'm saying NOPE!

I feel bad for the spiders. They're probably super sweet and cuddly, but they get a bad rap because of how they look. Would you touch all those spiders?