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Dr. Drew considers running for Congress to take Adam Schiff's seat

Dr. Drew Pinsky, a known reality show star and addiction expert, is currently considering going against his current congressman, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

Pinsky sees this debacle of an impeachment mess as unnecessary. According to The Hill, Pinsky is motivated to involve himself in the political process after seeing the impeachment hearings. The doctor said "I was watching all the impeachment proceedings and I was  going 'Oh my God our Congress is tied up and we're dying out here in California. What are people doing?"

The 61-year-old, who is actively participating in the fight against homelessness and the opioid crisis, is sad over the lack of action from Rep. Adam Schiff and his lack of actions in improving California.

The doctor is tired of this state that they're living in and how Schiff isn't doing anything to fix it. I wake up every day and drive through this town and I am morally moved where I feel like I have to do something. We have people literally dying in our streets," he lamented.

In his brief appearance on "Fox & Friends" last October, Pinsky openly tackled the homelessness crisis not limited to just housing issues. According to Pinsky, this is connected and more centered on drug use and mental health issues. In an article by Fox News, Pinsky commented:

"The ideology is -- this is a housing crisis. Period. End of story. It's income inequality. [But] it's not. It is a mental health crisis. If you  don't wake up from that theological fog, more people are going to die. Three people die on the streets every day in Los Angeles country. Three every day, and people who get in the way of treating those people are murderers. They are. and I'm sick of it."


Pinsky is actually moderate when it comes to politics. Now, he most likely will run in the Democratic primary for the 28th District. The Hill reports Pinsky claiming that a run for office might prove to be too chaotic and could uproot his life. He left room for the possibility however, saying California's current decay continues to remind him of how badly the state needs strong leadership. He said 

"Believe me, I don't want to. I'd have to change my whole life, and I'm not prepared to do that just yet. But the fact that I keep thinking about it tells me how profound the problems are. That I feel obliged to maybe turn my life upside down just to get things governed out here. I am constantly morally mobilized because of the condition of what's going on here in California."

One that Schiff doesn't appear to be working on. 


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