Drag queen named 'Annie Christ' reads to kids while Drag Queen Story Time sparks protest

Protests erupted outside of the Lansdale Public Library in Pennsylvania as a drag queen named 'Annie Christ' was going to read to students and parents inside the library. The protests were from both sides, people who opposed having the large man in women's clothes and makeup read to their kids, and then there was also a handful of people who supported it. Judging by the picture of the people looking at Annie Christ reading, it looks like most kids are confused and parents are taking photos because "I can't believe what I'm seeing right now" and "hey Bob, you have got to see this, no seriously, it's really happening and it's hilarious."

Some people (not many) might see this as a lesson in tolerance and bullying, but most people probably see it as disturbing and not the appropriate place for a drag queen to be. If grown men want to wear women's clothes and do their funny dance and put on makeup, that's fine as long as they do it in the proper vicinity. A school or public library is not the appropriate setting and children are not the appropriate audience for the drag queen scenario which is basically a weird kink fetish. Accepting that people are different is perfectly fine, but there's also the proper setting and audience and having a drag queen in a library is probably just not the proper way to teach kids a lesson.

Annie Christ told WPVI in an interview, "It's like an actor being in a rated-R movie not being able to read to kids. It's my side job; it's what I do at a club that's 21 and over."

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Many people might suggest that Annie Christ keep his show at the club and not in the public library.

WPVI had quotes from two others who were against Drag Queen story time.

"When you do that, little children, they think oh well this is okay. When it's really not natural or normal," said Marilyn Teed of Lansdale.
Albert Howard of Lansdale added, "If you want to do what you wanna do and be that's fine. That's between you and God one day, but to teach the kids - no."

I just want to know one thing.

There wasn't any firemen around to read a book that day? You know, someone kids look up to.

Not...... this.

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