Dreams Shattered! Kids upset after company forced to cancel chance to meet unicorns

If you want to have kids as your customers, never mess with them. When they become angry, they will never become your client again. This should be the motto of all companies and businessmen that cater their products and services to children. Just like it was the case with Unicorn Dream, a company from the United Kingdom that provides a truly unique "chance for all families to meet" unicorns. Obviously, their service is offered more to kids than adults, cause the unicorns that adults believed in back then, are all long gone.

Unicorn Dream had to cancel their shows across the country, for various reasons. Like Darren Rocket from the company says, there were numerous complications, like "animal welfare licenses and local authorities not running events by relevant residents’ groups". Unicorn Dream exists on the market for years, and hundreds of kids had happy memories from their events, where they could groom and ride horses stylized on unicorns.


Not this time though. While the company said that it sent out all warnings about canceled events and refunded money accordingly, some parents got really nervous. Just like Kate Howell from Maidstone, that paid almost £160 for tickets for her two daughters. When she went to Reading, instead of unicorns and fun for her kids, she found an empty field. Company claims that it sent numerous emails and even phoned Mrs. Kate, all of that "she simply ignored", like Mr. Rocket claims.

Who knows. Maybe mentioned mother-of-two really wanted to see the unicorns, at last. But once again, the dreams were shattered, and no unicorns saw.

We can only say – if those are the biggest problems that people in the United Kingdom have to face, then we surely believe that it's a truly happy country. And we wish all of us deep breaths, and maybe, after some time, we all see some unicorns finally.


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