Outraged driver wants racist sign removed, but forgets one thing

Drivers are outraged at this Oklahoma man who hung a racist sign and three ropes tied like a noose. The public called it racist and wants it taken down immediately. Both black and white people have expressed their concern.

But there's just one thing they're forgetting. The sign is on private property and it's not breaking any laws. There's literally nothing people can do to force the man to take it down.

The man, who refused to show his identity, has claimed that this is not meant to be racist and it's there because he was the victim of violent crime. He claims it's a warning to trespassers of all types.


After the public put pressure on him and it appeared on the news, the man's wife told the news station that the racist display has since been removed.

Common sense says he shouldn't have put this up in the first place. When your sign says not to come around at night and there's three nooses, then yeah - everyone thinks the same thing. That it's a reference to black folks. We're not in those days anymore, so let's not take us back to those days.



MOUNDS, Okla. – Oklahoma drivers were disturbed this weekend by a display along the side of the highway with nooses hanging from a tree and signs with pictures of nooses warning people not to be in the area after dark.

Terrance Reed was one of the many people who pulled over in shock and he says the display is a direct attack on his heritage.

“If you think of a noose in America, it doesn’t represent anything but what used to happen to African Americans,” he said. “He got the right to do what he wants to do, he’s got a right to feel what he wanna feel, but I got a right to be angry about it too, and I’m angry.”

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Owner Merle Martindale says it isn’t meant to be racist. He says he has been a victim of violent crime and is using it as a warning to any potential thief.

“If you put up a sign that says I advise you not to hang around here after dark, you’re making a statement,” said Reed.

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice told KJRH that Martindale isn’t breaking any laws by having the display.

The sign doesn't break any laws since it's on private property, but it's not very classy or nice. It's actually pretty repulsive that someone in this day and age would be such a degenerate to place a sign like that on their property. I'd be embarrassed if I was the neighbor. Everyone can agree on that. Let's not take us back to the years of lynching and segregation.

Americans are much better than that.

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