Mother gets on bus to cover up disgusting thing she did to her own baby

This could be one of the most crackheaded horrible parent stories I have read in years. Two dopey drug addicts birthed a premature child, then beat it to death, then tried to hide the murder by pretending the baby stopped breathing on a bus.

These parents in the picture above should be aborted. I am 100% behind the execution of these two people. Even better, I would castrate him and rip her ovaries out without putting them to sleep for the procedure. Then they could live the rest of their life in solitary until they go mentally ill and off themselves. Let them abort themselves in solitude.

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Jeffrey Wiltshire, aged 52, and 25-year-old Rosalin Baker tried to cover up their torture of the newborn by staging an emergency on a bus in London in September last year.

In the days before her death, the court heard, Imani Baker was attacked at least three times, suffering 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist and devastating head injuries.

It took the jury at the Old Bailey 14 hours to clear the pair of murder, but find them guilty of causing or allowing the death of their daughter, who was on the child protection register.

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They are literally too stupid to know that you can't hide a child's injuries. Broken bones are broken bones. They don't magically heal when the doctor examines the baby. A head injury is quite obvious. This is awful to read and write about. How could anyone hurt a baby?

The court heard that Imani had been born premature at 28 weeks in June. She spent 65 days in hospital on a ventilator - and during that time, Baker visited her just 22 times.

Wiltshire did not visit once.

Oh what a bunch of scumbag losers. If you don't visit your premature baby enough times, then you shouldn't have any rights to it. I know people who've had premature kids and they stayed or visited their child every single day until they brought their child home.

The piece of excrement mother stopped by, you know - when she had time, 22 times? The dirtbag 52-year-old father didn't stop by once? Gee, that isn't completely stereotypical or anything. Black father abandoning his child? That doesn't ever happen, does it? The mother is a 25-year-old drug addict who was probably high the other days she couldn't be bothered to visit her child who was fighting for life, fighting for a chance in this cruel world. Rolled the dice on being born and was stuck with these two terrible people as mother and father.

She was finally discharged on August 5 - and detectives believe the abuse began not long after that.

On the morning of September 28, Baker went into a convenience store in Church Road in the Manor Park area, with Imani in a sling on her chest and a cloth over her face.

At this point, police say, the child was already dead.

So happy our baby is home! Let's beat and torture it. Oh, maybe we can smoke crack out of our baby too! I bet they tried that while they were breaking the bones of their infant.

This poor kid was born to the worst parents, then finally makes it out of the hospital, then gets murdered by the parents and strapped to the mom who tries to cover up the abuse. I bet that was the first time that mother held her child. And she felt nothing. She only wanted to feel high.

I really hope the court system throws them in prison and both of them face their own form of torture and adult abortion. Please let this happen to them. If they're not murdered in prison, then I hope they live a life of torture in there.

She then got on the number 25 bus to Stratford, east London, after Wiltshire gave her a kiss and a thumbs-up.

Around 20 minutes into the journey, Baker lifted the cloth as though to check on her child, and then raised the alarm, telling other passengers the baby was not breathing.

CCTV from the bus and part of a 999 call shows how how other passengers tried to administer CPR - while Baker remained calm, playing on her phone.

You give your much younger baby's momma a thumbs up to congratulate her on the good job she did in her part of the murder of your child? There's a place for that thumb and the sun doesn't shine there.

So other people are giving your breathless child CPR and you're chillin on the phone? What are you doing, playing Candy Crush and posting selfies on Instagram because you know you're about to be locked up (hopefully) for the rest of your horrible life?

Det Ch Insp Gary Holmes, from the Metropolitan Police, said he had never before seen such a high degree of violence and cruelty inflicted on a child so young.

"Their ruse quickly unravelled when medical professionals were able to determine that Imani had probably died up to 24 hours previously and with this overwhelming and compelling evidence charges against the two were swiftly brought."

They literally hoarded a baby's lifeless body for over a day and finally tried to fake the emergency. I don't even feel bad saying that I wish these two had the same thing done to them. I'd even do it myself. Let me light them on fire toe by toe. Nothing will be enough to make it up to that poor kid who no one will ever know.

"The events of that day will have a lasting and devastating impact on the many passengers on board the bus," he added.

"Many of those who stepped in to provide medical assistance were left completely distressed when they realised their efforts to save Imani were futile, not knowing that the entire incident had been staged.

It's horrid what happened. These people were frantically trying to help and had no idea the baby had lost its life a day ago. They were scrambling to try and save your child while you sat there on the phone knowing it was all for nothing.

These are the two worst people I have written about all year.

They are worse than terrorists.

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