Forget Guns! Let's Talk About How Drugs Killed 64,000 People In One Year

Social media and politics go crazy whenever there's a crime that involves a mass shooting and guns. However, there's something that kills a lot more people on a daily basis and we need to talk about that problem before we try to fix a gun issue. America has a massive drug problem right now. Did you know that nearly 64,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2016, and that number is more than the number of people who were killed in the Vietnam War? We need to refocus and put our efforts and political arguments towards drugs because 64,000 people losing their life is a lot more than what we see from gun violence. That comes out to almost 175 people per day who overdose. Where is the social media outrage over the problem that's caused by mostly opioid painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl? The real number is 63,600, but we'll round it up for sake of the conversation.

School shooters are horrible people, but have we looked at some of the doctors lately? You know, the same doctors who prescribe strong painkillers for something that we wouldn't normally need painkillers for. You go to the doctor for something minor and they prescribe Oxycontin or something else and you wonder "what do I need this for?" Those doctors are prescribing you drugs because they're probably getting some sort of incentivized bonus or some hot cashola for it. Good doctors know that we don't need pain medicine for every little problem with our body. Most people can tough it out and only rely on the pain medication if it's absolutely needed. There's a huge problem with over-prescribing medicine and getting patients hooked on drugs when it's completely unnecessary. Opioids are a major problem in America and contributed to about three-fourths of the overall deaths from drugs in 2016. Heroin and fentanyl were the majority of the rest of the overdoses.

It's amazing that whenever there's a school shooting or mass shooting, that you can't read social media for five minutes without seeing 100 different opinions on gun control and everyone's useless opinion. But why are nearly 200 people passing away on a daily basis and there's absolutely no outrage over it? Why doesn't anyone care? Is it because drug overdoses are self inflicted and why should we care about those people? People who become addicted to drugs were not always addicted to drugs. They were just your normal/regular person, friend, family member, and contributing member of society. When people become hooked on the hard stuff, for whatever reason they decided to try it and couldn't escape, it's our fault for pushing them out the door and not helping them recover. Of course, we can only steer them in the right direction and hope that they continue getting help - but some people need more help than usual.

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I know a few people who lost their lives to drug overdoses. They were functional addicts who might not have expected were using drugs. I nearly lost another, but thankfully they were able to get help and go through with the recovery program and now they're doing great.

It's just amazing that we have all these opinions and bang on the doors of politicians with our shitty opinions on guns, but we're watching nearly 200 people die on the streets every day and no one gives a fuck.

We see them walking the streets like zombies in Philadelphia and everywhere else. We call them junkies. We record them on video and laugh at them. We allow doctors to overprescribe drugs so they can earn a few extra bucks. It's all messed up. We need to address the overprescription by shady doctors looking to buy another Mercedes. We need to stop laughing at the train track junkies with needles sticking out of their arms as they beg for change and turn tricks in the alley for a hit. America needs to fix this because when you have nearly 64,000 people killing themselves on drugs, then it's a major problem and that's a lot bigger than the gun problem right now.

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There are about 200 people that our country can save every day by helping people stay off drugs or recover from using them. Before we talk about guns, let's fix our drug problem and hope that it slowly changes the mindset of our country. A healthy country is one which does not find themselves addicted, desperate, or suicidal.

If you know someone who's struggling with drugs, then please help them. Just steer them in the right direction. Be an ear to listen to. Don't throw them to the side like a piece of trash, because without those drugs, they were someone whose life mattered. Help them recover. If you're there for them and they still do drugs behind your back and pass away, then fuck'em.

At least you tried and that's all you can do.

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