Drunk man rescues baby bird, sends it to vet in UBER

After a few drinks, the perspective changes dramatically. Some people become aggressive, the others feel like the modern Casanovas, the other ones finally – become softhearted animal lovers on their "mission" to save a baby bird, for example.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah received a strange call last weekend. Someone on the other end of the line said that the Uber "is on its way", carrying a special package – a baby of Lesser Goldfinch bird.


A person that ordered an Uber for this "special small passenger" was Tim Crowley from Clinton. Like he said, he was hanging out with his friends, sitting and having some drinks, when suddenly something did fall out from the sky. A small Lesser Goldfinch bird, that for some reason couldn't fly.

The guys, knowing that they are little intoxicated, decided to order an Uber and send the bird to the local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center located in Ogden, Northern Utah. Like Tim said, when a driver of the first ordered an Uber car found out who will be his "passenger", he simply canceled the ride. He thought probably that it was some kind of prank made by the bunch drunk guys.

But the second driver, a woman, showed more compassion and agreed to take a little passenger to Ogden.


Dalyn Marthaler, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center's chairman said that the bird would have died if not its prompt transportation to the center. The bird was nicknamed "Petey" and now is in good health and shape, like the staff of WRCNU says.

WRCNU said that they are seeing a record year, with over 1600 help-needing animals as for now that were brought to the center.

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