Dunkin' manager CAUGHT hiring fake employee and pocketing the checks

Every day across the world people are getting arrested for doing illegal activities on their jobs, but Markia Nelson which was arrested earlier this week, gets points of originality. This 29-year-old Dunkin' Donuts manager had a genius idea to hire a non-existing employee and keep the money for herself.

Nelson has been charged with grand theft, and as claimed in the police report, she hired a fake employee on May 15, 2019. That fictitious person was "working" from May 16 to July 6, as Nelson logged in more than 230 hours. In total, this non-existing person made over $1600. Nelson was sent behind bars in the Pinellas County Jail but was released soon after.

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Police Sgt. Lonnie Lancto told the reporters that Nelson's colleagues figured out that something weird was happening, as they knew that their boss hired someone new, but none of them ever saw that person.

After they've analyzed clock-in an clock-out times, it wasn't hard to realize that she was doing the scam. Store owners then alerted police showing the officers all the evidence which included videos, time sheets and various paperwork. That was more than enough for the law to make the arrest.

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Nelson told the police that she already spent the money and that she needed it to cover her basic expenses. Even if that's truthful, it's doubtful that will help her much in the court. At the moment, it's not being said when will the trial begin or what is the possible sentence.

Of course, people have a lot to say about this case on the social networks, with comments like "That's very creative on her part" or hilarious one like "Did they fire the fake employee too?"

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The others are scratching their heads as they are not even sure how no one noticed her scheme for about 50 days.

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