By Frank
Posted January 11, 2017

Dylann Roof, self proclaimed white supremacist who killed nine black people in a South Carolina church, has been sentenced to death.

He didn't seem to care much about the verdict.

NBC reports - The jury, the same that convicted Dylann Roof in the murders last month, announced its verdict after deliberating less than three hours.

Roof, 22, who represented himself in the penalty phase, did very little to persuade the panel to spare his life. He declined to present any witnesses or evidence, blocked standby defense lawyers' attempts to raise questions about his mental health, and suggested in his closing statement that arguing for life in prison wasn't worth the effort.

It's reported that he said he "had to do it" but in reality, no - no you didn't. He didn't bother having an attorney to represent him. Not worth the effort? Was it worth the effort to murder nine people for no reason?

You see, you can hate people all you want. It's America. We don't have to like everyone. You can hate anyone you wish. But where most people draw the line, this guy stepped way over and beyond the line. He acted on his hate and took the lives of nine unsuspecting people.

Not cool.

Now if these nine people had raped his mother, and he shot them all in retaliation, then I can understand where he's coming from.

But this was nine people who were just chillin at church, minding their own business, and here comes Roof blasting away.

Hate anyone you want to, but keep your hands to yourself.

I don't like the girl from teen mom who's a huge drug riddled whore. You know, that girl named Jenelle. I think she's a white trash piece of crap. But I wouldn't shoot her in the face if I saw her. There's no reason for me to ruin the rest of my life because I think she's a dirty pig.

Like I said - you're free to love or hate anyone in this world, but you must respect their personal space and keep your hands to yourself.

This was a terrible crime and it's received a just punishment.

When you speak of punishments, I also believe every cop killer out there should have the same punishment.

Killing one cop, to me, is as bad as killing nine random people.

What's the difference if it's 9 or 1? No matter what the number is, you should still get the worst punishment possible, which is watching Meryl Streep movies on repeat for the rest of your life.

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