Teens Eat Tide Pods in Sick Social Media Challenge

There's a horrible and unsafe new trend spiraling out of control on social media. It's the Tide pod challenge, and teens are eating the pods. They're recording videos of themselves eating laundry pods and passing the videos around like they're candy in a playground. The videos are going viral, and people risk being sick when they eat this substance. If you didn't know, the pod is a sack that contains the soapy fluid. It's nasty but smells great, and you wash clothes with it. It's not food. Not even close to being food. It's like picking up the piece of white dog poop from the movie Step Brothers, spraying your mom's drug store perfume on it, and eating it.

The Tide pods are being joked about in memes. The memes are often hilarious, but not meant to be taken seriously or provoke anyone to eat the laundry pods. However, people have escalated things quickly, and now it's turned into a challenge where people eat the Tide pods. It is 100% not advised to eat the pods, and there have been several warnings informing people not to eat a concentrated laundry product designed to clean clothes.

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KSAT reported:

"Medical experts say the consequences of ingesting these products can be dire. As CNN reports, the packets can cause vomiting, throat burns and eye injuries, among other issues.

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A spokesperson for Tide says its laundry pacs are only meant to clean clothes."

What happened to the good old days where teens would ride bikes, play sports, hook up, and do cool stuff? Now everything is an online adventure and people must be bored if they're eating detergent pods.

Back in the day, the teens would be more likely to drink a few beers in the woods. Now they're staying home eating laundry pods.

What happened to people?

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