Eatery now selling PICKLE PIZZA and it looks absolutely weird

Pizza is still on the top of the list of favorite fast food, and there are so many versions of it with sometimes weird toppings. Still, nothing compares to what Rhino's Pizzeria from New York did, making a dill pickle pie.

This pizza is using a garlic sauce instead of traditional marinara, while the top is covered with a huge amount of dill pickle slices. The other ingredient is mozzarella cheese, but this pie is not vegetarian-friendly as it's completed with Canadian bacon.


Was this pizza a good idea? It is, according to customers as Rhino's is selling 30 of them on average per day! While traditionalists will no doubt refuse to try it, those who did are claiming not only that the taste is unique, but also much better than what they thought it would be.

Of course, there are hilarious comments on social networks, so one Twitter user is asking why people love this but are against pineapples on pizza. Interestingly, this pizza is served differently.

Instead of slices, it's cut into strips, just to remind everyone that this is a new concept. At the moment, there are 12-inch and 16-inch versions on offer, and you can still customize it if you want to.


You can ask for a cauliflower crust, and if you don't like Canadian bacon, you can switch it with another type of meat or make it vegetarian or even vegan if that's how you like it.

What we've learned from this is that there is no such thing as bad pizza. Of course, we love some recipes more than others, but if someone put this dill pickle pizza in front of you, would you try it? We sure would and will do the next time we are in upstate New York!

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