Elizabeth Warren's private apology not enough, plans to remove DNA test video

Elizabeth Warren's campaign is picking up steam after thousands attended her event in Ilhan Omar's state of Minnesota. Warren has made some public apologies for the incidents with her heritage, DNA test video, and the issues with the Native American Culture. At least one Cherokee citizen claims Warren's apology was not enough. Elizabeth Warren also plans to remove the DNA test video from her campaign website as part of an effort to redo her campaign in a way that leaves the 'Pocahontas' aspect behind her.

CNN reported that "Rebecca Nagle, an activist and Cherokee citizen, said she applauds Warren's work with New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland, a citizen of the Laguna Pueblo tribe and one of the first two Native Americans elected to Congress last year. But Nagle said Warren's apology to Cherokee leadership didn't go far enough in clearing up damaging misperceptions.

"The public understanding of Native identity in 2019 is like a dumpster fire. Warren poured gasoline on the dumpster fire and a private apology doesn't make up for that," Nagle said."


When Nagle continued on her rant about Warren, she pointed out that she still has a DNA test video on her campaign website. This suggests that Warren was apologizing for the issues she caused with the Native Americans, however she was still showing the DNA test video regardless of the 1/1024 results.

CNN's report continued, saying that "a campaign aide told CNN that as part of an upcoming relaunch of the "fact squad" section of the campaign website, that video — and some other older materials — would soon be removed, and replaced with newer content."

Warren hopes to compete with Joe Biden for the Democratic nod to run against President Donald Trump in 2020.


Warren must find a way to gain people's trust after the DNA test debacle.

Joe Biden has his own issues. Biden often makes gaffes that people find irresponsible or partly racist.

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