Ellen sued for joking about the name "Titi Pierce"

Ellen Degeneres did a bit about funny signs that people see in public. One of the signs had the name "TITI PIERCE" and a fan of Ellen's show sent in a picture of it. The name was posted on a realtor sign in public and Ellen referred to it as "Titty Pierce." Then she got sued for it. However, the name is posted in the public,? out and about for everyone to see, and now we have this random lawsuit. Well, Titi Pierce was not very happy, but the clip was done in good nature and Ellen isn't exactly the insulting type. She's a good humored show host. Titi Pierce sued Ellen anyway. She didn't care. She wants to get paid. ellen titi pierce
Titi Pierce, 35, name is pronounced ?Tee Tee ? as grammar dictates?, she said in the lawsuit. But DeGeneres called her ?titty Pierce?, reading one of the real estate agent?s adverts during a segment called ?What?s Wong With These Ads?. and These Signs?? ?In all of her 35 years of life, no one has ever referred to Ms Pierce as ?titty? until the Defendant did so on February 22, 2016 on national television,? the lawsuit reads, adding that it led to ?immediate ridicule? from the audience.

Is this REALLY the first time Titi Pierce heard that?

First of all- has Titi lived in a box for 35 years and this is the first day she's had interactions with people? There is NO WAY POSSIBLE that Titi was not ever once called "Titty" - not if she ever had any interaction with humans. Kids are mean. Kids will change your name to whatever is funny. It is not possible for her to have spent 35 years on Earth and this is the first time she's heard "Titty Pierce" ? Oh you must be kidding me. We all know for a fact how cruel children can be, even if they are unaware. And what about middle school and high school students going through puberty - none of those boys or girls ever once mispronounced this name? You must be oblivious then. I bet the teachers were cracking up about this name in the staff lounge and principals office. How can anyone NOT crack a joke about this name? If I was named Titi Pierce, then I'd be mad at my parents for picking such an obviously easy name to joke about. You cannot sue Ellen and say that no one has ever referred to you as "titty"? - that is beyond unbelievable. If there was ever a person out trying to get a free paycheck over some nonsense, then this is probably a very clear example of that. Titi Pierce - you've had that name your whole life and probably heard the same jokes repeatedly since grade school. You cannot be mad at Ellen for reading a sign that is already out in the public. If you don't like your name, then change your name. Otherwise, if your name is Titi Pierce, then expect an occasional off the wall humor once in a while. If my name made it to Ellen, then I'd be honored. I'm bet Titi Pierce gets more real estate phone calls and sales. This could be a career changer that helps her sell houses to millionaires. Here's what TEE TEE is mad about:



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