Detroit rapper Eminem has said that he uses the gay dating app called Grindr. Vulture was interviewing him and the conversation touched upon Eminem's dating life and his issues with President Trump. During the interview, the person asked about his dating life. Of course, all this happens following the release of his latest album, so there's a good chance everything he's doing in the public eye is means of promotion and getting himself back in the headlines.

He talked about the album release a bit, but then somehow they began talking about Eminem's so-called love life. He mentioned that he's been on a few dates since his divorce, but that nothing turned into anything the way he wanted, which is why he likely did not make any of the dates or possible relationships public. He later mentions that he used Tinder, went to strip clubs to meet women, and used Grindr, the gay dating app.


“When you were dating, how’d you meet people — Tinder?” the interviewer asked him, referencing a popular dating app for heterosexuals. “Yeah, Tinder … and Grindr,” the rapper replied, referring to the gay hook-up app. “I also used to go to strip clubs.”

Some fans were wondering if he was serious or just joking about using Grindr and no one knows one way or the other. Eminem hasn't requested that the comment was retracted from the interview, so maybe he's serious.

There's a possibility that Eminem is gay. Is this really why he's not seen in public with a hot date?

Is Eminem gay or was he just kidding about using Grindr?

Watch the interview and judge for yourself.

Posted on December 21, 2017 in Celebrity Gossip and filed under Eminem.
Source: conservativetribune, vulture, nme