Emmy's low ratings hit rock bottom record levels

After only 10.2 million viewers watched last year's edition of the show, 2019 Emmy Awards numbers are even worse, as only 6.9 million people saw them live. That's a decline of 32%, which is considered stunning. Key demo of adult 18-49 pulled only 1.6 rating, which was also an Emmy low.


The organizers of the event tried to follow the Oscar formula where host-free ceremony drew 29.6 million people, which was a 12% increase from 2018. Instead, there was a flurry of A-list presenters (including Homer Simpson) that helped things move faster. The idea was to also pay homage to TV shows that ended this year, including Game of Thrones or Veep, but these moves didn't bring viewership.



Still, the show had some moments that will be remembered. Billy Porter made history as he won the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series as the first openly gay black man. Viewers were also pleased that British show "Fleabag" won four Emmys, including the award for the best comedy and lead actress for Phoebe Waller-Bridge.



On the other hand, having no host only hurt the ceremony. While Bryan Cranston performance was excellent, it was soon apparent that getting rid of the host was not a good idea. That means that there will be some hard head-scratching, as Emmy bosses will have to think about what went wrong that night. Even though the show was steadily in decline for years, a drop of almost a third is alarming, and it signals that drastic changes are needed.


Still, as a traditional show, it's believed that next year will bring a host and coupled with fine performances and A-listers, maybe things will be better. But for Emmy to rise again to its former glory, radical changes are needed.

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