Empire actor Jussie Smollett attacked, claims by racist MAGA punks, but police info suggest it could be hoax

Jussie Smollett is the actor who plays the gay Lyon brother in 'Empire.' He was allegedly attacked in Chicago around 2am after he arrived coming from New York. TMZ reported that the attack happened at a Subway, as Smollett was apparently hungry and getting a bite to eat. As he left, someone supposedly yelled "Aren't you that f***ot 'Empire' n*****?" and that's allegedly when two men in ski masks attacked him and yelled about MAGA country. they also reportedly poured bleach on the actor.

According to TMZ:

Sources directly connected to Jussie tell TMZ, the actor arrived in Chicago from New York late Monday, and at around 2 AM he was hungry and went to a Subway. We're told when shortly after he walked out on his way home, someone yelled, "Aren't you that f***ot 'Empire' n*****?" 
The 2 men -- both white and wearing ski masks -- viciously attacked Jussie as he fought back, but they beat him badly and fractured a rib. They put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and as they left they yelled, "This is MAGA country." 
Jussie took himself to Northwestern Memorial where he was treated. He was discharged later Tuesday morning.

The weird part about this story is that Chicago is mostly Democrat and if two white men were walking around with a rope and some bleach and wearing ski masks, they would have been the people getting lynched. Chicago is a war zone. The people in Chicago would beat your ass before you had a chance to commit a hate crime. The people in Chicago are so bad ass they will kidnap and torture you on Facebook live and not even feel bad about it.

Is there any chance that two white guys would be committing a hate crime in Chicago and calling it "MAGA country" - a very small percentage. Possible of course, but highly unlikely.

There's more holes in Smollett's story. This quote comes from Twitchy who pointed out something else in the story.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Smollett still had a piece of rope around his neck, but it “didn’t necessarily resemble a noose”:
When officers showed up at the apartment, the rope was still around Smollett’s neck, said Guglielmi, who described the rope as a “thin, light rope.” Guglielmi said the rope didn’t necessarily resemble a noose. 
Smollett was not able to identify the race of either alleged assailant: 
Smollett initially told police his attackers were two men wearing ski masks and all black clothing. In a follow-up interview in the morning, Smollett told detectives the men also yelled “this is MAGA country” after they attacked him, according to Guglielmi. 
Smollett didn’t provide any other description of the men, including their race. 

Police basically have no description of the attackers. They have not found any video that shows any potential attackers in the area or any witnesses. Guglielmi says that police don't have enough information to even put out a description of the alleged attackers.

At one point the Chicago police released a statement that did not include any mention of "MAGA" related remarks.

However, a second police report later states that the actor did report on the "MAGA" comments.

It should be noted that the actor apparently received some sort of racist and hateful letters about a week ago. This could technically be considered premeditated hate crime, but there are questions about this. How would anyone recognize him in the middle of the night if he's wearing winter clothes such as hat and possibly scarf?

Do racist white people watch Empire? That doesn't make sense that they would watch a predominately black show. Empire is an awesome show, so if they're not watching, then they're missing out!

There are so many holes to this story that everyone should wait to react until the police determine the truth via a formal investigation.

People are already calling Trump supporters racist, but it has not been proven that this was a true hate crime yet.

We've seen plenty of hate crime hoaxes and this could be another one.

Do not rush to judge, but keep an open mind that this could be a complete setup.

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