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Entrepreneurs raised $50k to save urban farm in North Philly

The Life Do Grow farm receives a business lifesaving amount of $55,000 from a recent crowdfunding effort done and headed by North Philadelphia Entrepreneurs. 

The nearly-decade old sanctuary will receive this amount which will be presented to the garden leaders at a ceremony Thursday evening. This came at the nick of time as financial troubles that continue to threaten the urban oasis' existence. Life Do Grow's co-founders informed the public on how they will use the money. The money will be allocated for cultivating the next generation of the farm leadership. This means that the three-acre farm will serve as a place for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the neighborhood located north of the Temple University. 

The crowdfunding initiative was done by entrepreneurs who are a part of the Next Level Trainings. This Ohio-based program teaches leadership skills.  


The co-founder of the local creative resource firm named REC Philly, Will Toms, is a part of the 23 students enrolled in the said class. He and his pupils were given the task to join forces to hold a fundraiser in support of any cause of ther choice. Toms succeeded in convincing them to save Life Do Grow. In just 22 days, the group surpassed its funding goal of $50,000. 

In an interview, Toms explains his disbelief. "At first, it was like, 'Are you kidding?'", Toms continued "Just seeing the continued effort, rooting on each other, it was like 'Whoa, we did it'". Though they were able to achieve such success in a short amount of time, Toms and his students remain humble, with him stating that it was not about the dollars they were able to make. What matters was the impact. 

Life Do Grow farm continues its operation. 


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