Jeffrey Epstein spent $50k on a cement truck, experts fear 'Cover Up'

In what some experts fear was a desperate attempt to 'cover up' evidence, disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein had a $50,000 cement truck shipped to what is now known as "Pedophile Island" last November.

This all happened just three weeks before a series of articles titled ‘Perversion of Justice’ were published by the Miami Herald, on November 28th. What may be the most damning part about the scenario, however, is that he paid for the cement truck up front so that it would arrive at his private island as soon as possible.


Among the other items that Epstein had sent to Little St. James in the US Virgin Islands was a dentist's chair complete with all the parts, the Daily Mail reported. Epstein also sent a tile and carpet extractor that weighed 191 pounds from the US Virgin Islands to his New York home on March 11 this year.

The timing of the cement truck delivery raises questions about Epstein's real motive said William George, an analyst with Import Genius which monitors shipping data and provided the details to DailyMailTV.

"While the purchase of the cement mixer on its own is not suspicious, particularly given the reported and approved repair of cisterns on Little St. James, both the timing of the shipment and the fact that it's the only item in our records shipped with an express bill of lading do raise concerns." George said. 


Epstein sent the machine with an Express Bill Of Lading, an unusual and expensive way of shipping an item so that it arrives quickly.

George continued:

"The shipment arrived Epstein's island on November 7th of 2018, 21 days before Julie Brown's expose was published in the Miami Herald and 23 days before Epstein allegedly began to try to pay off witnesses. Considering both the scope of Brown's article and the urgency of the shipment, the possibility that the cement mixer was used to literally cover up evidence cannot be discounted."

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