Epstein guards suspected of falsifying records

At 10:05 pm local time, a source familiar with the case surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death that took place on the federal jail claims that guards are suspected of falsifying records. The log entries were edited to show that the guards supposed to watch over Epstein had checked on inmates in his unit every half hour when there's evidence that they haven't. 


The surveillance video taken at the Metropolitan Correctional Center shows that guards never checked those units as opposed to the checks noted in the log. The source was not authorized to disclose this information to the public. Still, they spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. 

Meanwhile, the Justice Department released a public announcement on the fate of the two guards who failed to watch Epstein. Earlier this Tuesday, the guards have been placed on administrative leave.  

A suicide reconstruction team was sent by the federal Bureau of Prisons to the cell where Epstein supposedly took his own life. This is to answer the question as to why and how it happened, along with the need for constructive analysis.  


A group of psychologists who arrived on Tuesday are expected to reconstruct the scene. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, the FBI, and the Justice Department are all involved in the investigation surrounding Epstein’s death. Rosen is currently being briefed by the FBI every three hours.  

In a statement on Tuesday, the warden at the MTCC has been temporarily reassigned to office post as the outcome of two investigations are still being awaited. In addition to that, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 3148, Serene Gregg, informs the Washington Post that one of the guards assigned on Epstein’s unit was only a fill-in who had been pressed into service.  

As the investigation goes on, authorities are being accused of turning their attention on those who knew of Epstein’s acts of pedophilia. The falsified log entries add fuel to the controversy surrounding Epstein's death, adding evidence that will hopefully solve the case soon.

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