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Epstein killed himself right after court unsealed 2000+ pages on him and Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead by suicide today in his Manhattan jail cell. This was not even 24 hours after the federal court unsealed over 2000 pages on Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged procurer of underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell.

While all the rumors float around the Internet that mention the Clintons, one might behoove themselves to take a quick gander at some of the documents that were unsealed. It might be worth adding that your your reading time today, as this case is sure to go insane. The alleged victims are demanding justice and politicians are demanding answers. The FBI has already jumped in to investigate it.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? She is allegedly the person who would procure the young ladies for Epstein, but does not appear that she has been charged with anything yet.

You can read 354 pages of documents regarding Maxwell right here.

We have a billionaire accused of sex crimes against underage girls who had a little black book of names and possibly could have exposed other wealthy people for the same crime.

Things are going to shake like crazy with the Jeffrey Epstein suicide.


And of course, a few days from now, someone like AOC or Maxine Waters will say something to get our attention and we'll be back to laughing at that.

So basically, read up on the Epstein stuff now, because in a few days it will be old news and probably no one talking about it anymore.

As Joe Biden would say, we choose the truth over the facts!


A quick excerpt from CNBC:

A federal appeals court on Friday unsealed nearly 2,000 pages of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier charged with child sex trafficking, and Ghislaine Maxwell, his former girlfriend and his alleged procurer of underage girls.

The documents include one containing flight records showing that President Donald Trump flew on Epstein’s private plane in January 1997, from a Palm Beach, Florida, airport to Newark, New Jersey.

In another document, one of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, says Maxwell directed her to have sex with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, a Maine Democrat, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and other prominent people.

Giuffre, who had worked as a locker-room attendant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, also said that Epstein “told me that Donald Trump is a good friend of his,” but that she never saw the two men together. And she said in a deposition that she never had sex with Trump or flirted with him.

Bill Clinton rode on the plane multiple times as well. Epstein had a black-book 21 contacts for Bill Clinton and many other big names.

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