Epstein on suicide watch, may have been assaulted, another inmate was questioned

Accused predator billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was placed on suicide watch after he was found injured in a cell in a federal jail in NYC. The reports suggest three things - either he tried to hang himself, he was assaulted by another inmate, or his injuries could be self inflicted in hopes to prompt a transfer to another jail.

CNBC reports he was found in fetal position in his cell with marks around his neck and he was semi-conscious.

Epstein may have tried to hang himself in the lower Manhattan lockup, according to sources who spoke with WNBC-TV.

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But another source said Epstein’s injuries were not serious, and raised the possibility that he may have used the incident to try obtain a transfer from the jail.

A fourth source who spoke with NBC said that officials have not ruled out the chance that Epstein was assaulted in the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Another inmate in that jail, where Epstein is being held without bail, has been questioned about the incident.

That inmate is named Nicholas Tartaglione who is a former NY police officer arrested for allegedly killing four men connected to a possible cocaine distribution conspiracy.

WNBC was told by sources that Tartaglione said he didn't see anything happen with Epstein nor did he assault or touch him. Tartaglione's lawyer also said that him and Epstein get along just fine and when they saw Epstein on Wednesday, in jail, that he "appeared to be fine."

At this point, it remains unclear what happened to Epstein.

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