Source: Epstein left unchecked for hours, death may not be suicide

Jeffrey Epstein’s death becomes controversial after a source informs that he was left unchecked hours before the apparent suicide.


The New York City prison is held accountable after Jeffrey Epstein, a famous American financier, died inside the prison walls. The correctional officers, according to a source, did not check on Epstein for hours after transferring his cellmate for unknown reasons.  

The 66-year-old was awaiting his trial for his many accusations of sexual abuse as a pedophile preying on underage girls. From bringing them home for massages while he masturbated or had intercourse with them right after. He may have been indicted in 2007. However, he was once again arrested this July for sex trafficking. To which he was held in prison from then on.

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Last Saturday, August 10, he was found unconscious inside his cell. Hours later, he was pronounced dead, raising eyebrows at the thought of him being able to succeed killing himself while under suicide watch.

A source informed Fox News, stirring controversy and enhancing the complexity of this case. For one, the convicted Epstein was placed in a high-security facility. Other than that, he was supposed to have a cellmate but hours before his being found unconscious, his cellmate was suddenly transferred for an unclear cause. It is noted that Epstein was under suicide watch for two weeks.

His former inmate claims that there is no way that Epstein committed suicide and the source also agrees due to the questionable matter of his death without witnesses.

An autopsy has been performed but the results remain withheld.

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