Eric Trump gets fact checked for sharing Joe Biden's old house from 1974

Eric Trump just got the Snopes action when he was fact checked for sharing an old house owned by Joe Biden in 1974, clearly many years ago, and possibly making it seem like that's where Biden lives now, which he does not. Eric Trump's tweet was also misleading because it suggested that Biden couldn't afford that house despite signing book deals and making money from appearances/speeches. Combined, Joe and Jill Biden made $16.5 million from the book deals and appearances, so even if that was Joe Biden's house today, he could probably afford it on the money he and Jill pulled in. Now call me crazy, but I don't know a single person who read his book, so I wonder who's buying it! All jokes aside, Eric Trump's tweet was ridiculously stupid and we should all avoid making dumb tweets like his. People do this to Maxine Waters all the time despite the fact she married an ex NFL linebacker named Sid Williams. Maxine Waters is a complete and utter dirt bag, but she married a guy who's pretty wealthy, so we need to accept that as a fact, despite not liking anything about her.

So what exactly did Eric Trump share that got fact checked? He shared a pic of Biden's house from 1974 and wrote the caption "The salary of a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year. This is Joe Biden’s house.... seems legit."

Well, it was legit back in the day considering what Biden actually bought it for in 1974.

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Here's what's actually what:

The pictured estate was a 5-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot former DuPont mansion at 6 Montchan Dr. in the Greenville area of Wilmington, Delaware, which was formerly owned by Biden. Way back in 1974, Biden (then a freshman U.S. Senator and a recent widower) was able to purchase the property for a mere $185,000 because the abandoned home was badly run-down and in need of major repairs.

After fixing up the home and living in it for two decades, Biden sold it in 1996 for $1.2 million — well over twenty years before Eric Trump’s accusatory tweet declaring it to still be “Joe Biden’s house.”

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I know most of you dislike Snopes and there's nothing wrong with that. But we need to keep in mind that these are simple facts anyone can look up on a Google search. There is no bias here, just information that Eric Trump tweeted out being purposely misleading.

Now what happens next is some people WILL share Eric Trump's message and THEY will get fact checked too. The problem with that? Well, if you and I get fact checked, we could face a suspension or something on our accounts. Will Eric Trump face the same problems as us normal folks? Probably not, at least I do not believe so (my opinion, not a fact).

Eric Trump is irresponsible for sharing a post like this because it could actually get many of us a violation on social media and quite frankly, it makes us look stupid.

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For starters, that's a house from 1974, not his house now and not his income levels now. Tweets like this don't even make sense and the information on how these people get their money, whether it's shady or not, is right there on Google.

People have said the same thing about Pelosi, but she married a wealthy guy and has a six figure salary too. So obviously, as much as we don't like half of these people, they've got money one way or another.

And don't get mad at me folks. I don't care about Joe Biden but I'm not going to share a fake tweet about Joe Biden just to get "likes" when there are plenty of Joe Biden gaffe videos out there for us to make fun of.

Just think. 100k people LIKED this tweet by Eric Trump. 40k retweeted it. 7k quoted it. How many of them think Joe Biden lives in that house RIGHT NOW? All of those people are MISINFORMED.

So really, Eric Trump needs to stop posting dumb sh*t and just focus on what's actually out there, like that wicked NYPost article that everyone is talking about.

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