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Eric Trump threatens lawsuit over MSNBC report, says 'Apologies are not enough'

MSNBC and its host, Lawrence O'Donnell, could be in trouble. Eric Trump vows to sue them for spreading false accusations about his father and his family.

During his Tuesday show, The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell, the MSBNC host reported that a source "close to Deutsche Bank" told him how really close is Trump to Russian oligarchs. "The anonymous source" supposedly reported that Donald Trump had taken out various loans from Deutsche Bank, together with some Russian oligarchs.


But the next day O'Donnell quickly apologized for using "unverified information" in his show. "Last night on this show I discussed information that wasn't ready for reporting," said O'Donnell on Wednesday. "I did not go through the rigorous verification and standards process here at MSNBC before repeating what I heard from my source. Had it gone through that process I would not have been permitted to report it," continued expressing his apologies O'Donnell.

But the apologies are not enough for Eric Trump, who said that it was a part of a "smear campaign" against his family.

This was a reckless attempt to slander our family and smear a great company. Apologies are not enough when the true intent was solely to damage and cause harm. As a company, we will be taking legal action. This unethical behavior has to stop. @Lawrence @MSNBC https://t.co/i4X6CcdkCm


Eric Trump (@EricTrump) August 29, 2019

Now the President's son wants to sue O'Donnell and MSNBC. Charles Harder, his attorney, stated that there is no involvement of Kremlin oligarchs and "Mr.Trump is the only guarantor." Harder also accused MSNBC of making false claims purely for "political reasons or other ulterior motives."

But some observers, like Bradley Moss, say that any potential lawsuit could lead to a "fascinating level of discovery" about Trump's finances.

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