Escort posts message for deceased 'Sugar Daddy'


A professional escort, also known as an expensive hooker, posted a heartwarming message to her now deceased 'Sugar Daddy.' Actually, it was a horrible message and she scolded him while thanking him for buying her expensive useless items, like bags. The professional escort, which is funny to say it like that because she probably doesn't pay taxes, had a mixed bag of emotion for the horrible relationship she went through while working for him. Too bad she didn't get knocked up and have his kid.

She posted her message to the ice cold body of her sugar daddy on Instagram, which means this was more of an advertisement for some other fat older gentleman to swoop in and pay some big bucks to have some college-aged gal spend time with him and do who knows what for who knows how much.

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Here is what she wrote, and please note her name is theHOmentor, with HO being spelled fancy, like HEAUX:

Exactly one year ago, my sugar daddy Brad passed away. He was 47 and died because of a heart attack and untreated diabetes. We had an incredibly toxic relationship and ultimately I wish I never met him. 
As horrible as he was, I am sitting here and trying to dig up a good memory to remember him on this day. So here it is: Brad, you bought me my first pair of Louboutins, my first Birkin and my first and only race horse  
You understood the value of my time and for that, I honor you with my time today by making this post for you. I still don’t forgive you for taking me out of the will after you attacked me while you were on whippets. 
However, you knew I would always be okay and yes....I’ve been living a double life this whole time with the guy you thought was my gay bodyguard and I’m also an author and serial entrepreneur. 
So, let’s call it even. I will finally visit you one of these days. Rest In Peace. PS please don’t haunt me again. -Demanda

I hope her boyfriend doesn't mind some guys two to three times her age dropping in like paratroopers and leaving her change on the dresser for when she walks out.

Do escorts even have boyfriends?

What kind of guy would date a girl who goes to work and gets with other guys all day?