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Extreme Tanning Addict Turns Into Crispy Brown Nightmare

Martina Big made headlines due to her very extreme surgery and tanning addiction. But who is she and what did she look like before? Here's everything you probably every need to know about this crispy brown woman who used to be whiter than Rachel Dolezal.

With her bleached platinum blonde hair and her gigantic 32s bust on a tiny size 6 frame, Martina Big stands out in a BIG way.

Martina quit her career as an airline attendant and began modeling in 2012 at the urging of her boyfriend.  At the time she only wanted a couple of minor enhancements to her lips and breasts.

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Soon after her first surgery she became addicted and explained her quest to create a new ‘exotic looking barbie’ first began with a desire to mimic the likes of Katie Price or Pamela Anderson. 

‘But those women were not curvy enough,’ Martina says. ‘Now, I look like Jessica Rabbit.’

Martina fingers Barbie as one of her primary influences – alongside her very own big-chested role model, Katie Price! Martina explains, “As a child I often played with Barbie dolls and I liked it to wear pink outfits and glittery junk jewelry. Over time my desire for a Barbie look and strikingly big boobs was growing. Barbie fascinated me so much that I live out this role in my life.” “But I did not want to be a one to one imitation of Barbie. I prefer to be a more extravagant modification of her.”

One day Martina asked her doctor, "I want to be crispy brown, do you know a way?" Well, the good doctor did know a way, and the German model had 3 rounds of melanin injections which left her browner than she could have dreamed.  And she certainly dreams big. A little too big...

Martina has spent more than $60,000 on body modifying surgeries which include melanin injections, lip enhancement, and crazy breast enhancements.  She intends to have her buttocks done for the first time and her lips pumped up to even further proportions.

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She is a complete train-wreck and I cannot believe she looks in the mirror and thinks this looks good. This is a nightmare.

Martina, who claims to be 28, says that she is not trying to change her race and describes the extreme tan as just a part of her quest to become the ‘ultimate real-life Barbie bimbo.’”

She still describes herself as a European/Caucasian and says she will not change the color of her eyes or eyebrows, which she proudly describes as ‘the only natural things she will keep’.

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Martina, whose unique breast implants can be ‘pumped up’ by injecting saline, says she does not think black people would be offended by her look.

“Yes, I have the skin of an African girl. But I am not pretending to be a black girl. I’m going to create a unique and exotic Barbie with dark tan, bright blonde hair and exaggerated curves. I like this look.”

How does this extreme disaster of a woman keep her formerly fair skin so dark?  In addition to her melanin injections she makes excessive use of a 50 tube tanning bed to augment the injections which have much longer lasting effect.

Martina is well aware that her ‘crispy’ skin and contrasting platinum blonde hair draw a lot of attention, but she enjoys the look and loves her ‘summer dark skin’.  The only problem is that she looks super unnatural. This is not a tan, this is a bad makeup job. It's like the kids in grade school tried painting a brown person for a school play and it came out horrible like this.

Her boyfriend, Michael (who must be on drugs), says, ‘I love her tan, very much.’ ‘It’s a very strange feeling knowing my girlfriend has the largest breasts in Europe.’  Michael is so supportive, he even had a round of tanning injections himself. He said, “I didn’t want to go quite as dark as Martina, but I support her and like her new look very much."

Martina declares that she is caught up in pushing her body to the limit.  If pushing her body to the utmost extreme is what she's aiming for; I'd say she's accomplishing her goal.  Apparently the couple have no clue how ridiculous they look, but something tells me they do not care.

If you ask me, this woman has mental issues.  Look at her before and after pictures! Why would you want to go from a pretty model to a walking catastrophe?  She admits that she is addicted to the tanning and surgeries.  There you have it! She's addicted!  Just like a degenerate gambler or a hopeless heroine addict, she cannot stop even at the cost of her life.

I don't think invasive surgeries and injections to alter the color of your skin are the safest things in the world to be doing.  If she wanted to be different she should just wear pineapple dresses and sing Mary Has a Little Lamb or something.

It's her life and if she wants to be walking monstrosity, so be it.  But at least admit it's a disorder.

Credits to Jan Haas and Barcroft Images for these scary pictures of the crispy brown chicken nugget lady.

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