FaceApp now has access to over 150 million people's faces and names

If you've used Facebook or Instagram in the last couple of days, you've seen many old faces. Your friends have a great time posting pictures using FaceApp, which went viral. Still, there are more than a couple of concerns.

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This program uses an intelligent algorithm to show how you will look in the distant future. Even celebrities are using it, and some experts claim that this is an excellent way to face our mortality and accept it.

Over 100 million people downloaded the app via Google Play while it's also the top-ranked app in more than 100 countries on iOS App Store.

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The problem is that once you let the program use your picture, you also grant it an irrevocable, royalty-free license to use it. Not only that, but FaceApp can also display your username or location.

PhoneArena's Peter Kostadinov tells the Forbes that the pictures might be used for ads, but that their purpose may be to train AI facial-recognition algorithm.

Terms of use for FaceApp, which is published by a Russian company Wireless Labs are compared to those of Facebook. That means that your data might not be stored safely as claimed. When something is uploaded to the cloud, you have to accept that you lost control of that content.

In the case of FaceApp, you'll have to give all permissions so it can access your photos, but also your search results in the process. Also, the program can refresh itself in the background, using your phone even without your knowledge.

While FaceApp might not end up selling your private data and misusing it in any way, it should make anyone think more about giving that much access to your phone, as it contains a lot of your personal information that you should keep to yourself.

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