Facebook Bans Women Talking Bad About Men to Crack Down on Hate Speech

It turns out that the rash of abusing women with their actions is not a one-way street, at least to a degree. Numerous women on Facebook reported being censored for so-called hate speech after posting anti-male phrases similar to 'men are scum.'

Facebook often penalizes or bans users who use hate speech against men.  Facebook relayed that they are not banning these users because of their message in particular, but because messages singling out a group of any type is against their policies.  Facebook suggests that if these words were directed at a particular public figure based on something they are widely believed to have done, then it would be OK.  When anyone singles out a specific group of people based on things like race, gender or sexuality, then it can be considered hate speech and users are subject to punitive action.

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The most notable Facebook users who have been vocal and unhappy about being banned, it turns out, are female comedians with a history of being banned before.  Facebook bans people with a record of violating their community policies much easier than first-time offenders.  Many female comedians have a long history of being banned for other types of offenses, but have also blatantly come out on the 'men are scum' campaign.  

All men aren't scum.  All women aren't man-haters.  All gay people are not whatever it is people think 'all' gay people are.  To demonize a whole group of people is not fair.  It is clearly against the policies that Facebook set out, and users agree to follow them.  It should be of no surprise that they end up in 'Facebook jail.'

Some of the most vocal female comedians are Marcia Belsky who recently received a 30-day ban and Kayla Avery who says that she's often banned for referring to men as garbage fires, trash, and other derivatives.

The women getting banned for this community standards violations are mainly part art of a group consisting of roughly 500 female comedians who do things like scheduled staged protests where they all post things similar to 'men are scum' at the same time.  Antagonize Facebook moderators much? That doesn't sound like a very good way to get a message across.

Somehow, the group of offending comedians is shocked that almost every one of them that participated in this unacceptable act is now banned.  They are mad.  I wonder what their stance would be if someone posted 'women are scum'?  You can bet your bottom dollar they would be up in arms, staging even more offensive protests.  If the offending party who said something like 'women are scum' were not banned, then they would have a valid point.  That's just not the case here.  The comedians are asking for special exemption from the general community standards that apply to ALL Facebook users.  I know, that's somewhat hypocritical.

Perhaps the women participating in the 'men are scum' campaign should pick someone specific, such as a male figure who committed a horrible thing or did something terrible.

Saying ALL men are scum is simply not true.

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