Facebook admits rogue staff was biased towards conservative posts

Are you a Conservative whose Facebook posts may have been accidentally or magically removed? Well the good news is that you're not crazy. The bad news is that Facebook has admitted that some of their staff may have gone rogue and became biased towards conservative posts. Facebook also stated that they were sending some staff members out for "retraining" in hopes that this does not happen again. I want Facebook to be a no holds barred social experience.

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In one instance Facebook rejected a story this year about the opening of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference ? the largest gathering of right-wing activists in the country. Facebook says that was likely because there were already enough stories about the Republican presidential primary. But the company said since it allowed CPAC posts in 2015, and covered other parts of the 2016 conference, there wasn?t any discrimination.

Should Facebook Delete Conservative Posts?

No. Facebook should not delete conservative posts. Facebook should leave everything open for the public. If people want something removed, then they should report it. If it's not adult content or harmful to someone, then leave it alone. Especially political posts. America is politics. People 25 and older slowly lean towards having more political fun while the younger people continue to visit the local watering hole. I don't want anything removed from Facebook that is for politics, even if it disagrees with my own views.

It's not fair to delete one side and not the other. Best solution is to keep them all posted. This is real life. We live in the digital era. If someone's political views differ than yours, then too bad. Everyone has different opinions, views, and likes/dislikes. We're not all the same and we will not ever be like that. There will always be differences.

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If people continue to be censored, then how will anyone ever understand the person that was censored? I don't know what they said, so how could I communicate with them and begin to understand each other? I've had plenty of posts deleted because someone didn't agree with what I said. It's completely mind blowing that people delete comments because they don't agree with you. H

alf the comments on THIS site are disagreeing with ME, but I keep them present because that's how you have a good conversation with people. You cannot have a good conversation by deleting the other side of the story. Conversations and opinions go both ways. We all have our beliefs and we should all respect each other, no matter how wrong the other side usually is. I really dislike seeing Facebook delete conservative posts because it shows they are one sided. That's not OK. Facebook provides a service for free, which is a platform for their advertising, and they Facebook should not delete conservative posts. You want to delete some bloody triple X content, then fine. But don't delete conservative or right wing posts.

Let people talk, argue, block each other, etc. Let people interact in real life without a moderator.

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