Facebook is the most popular social media platforms on the Internet. We can not only make friends from all over the world, but we can also do things that other social media platforms do, and more. With such popularity, corporations also wanted to chip in a little bit of themselves, but while doing so, they could choose to not advertise to certain ethnics or racial groups. This was helpful because specific products sell better to certain people. For example, one wouldn't market the latest heavy country song to a group of African Americans who live in Chicago. One wouldn't sell the most recent Eminem song to a group of older white women. The ability to target race was helpful in pinpointing sales. However, Facebook may have noticed a different trend that caused the feature to be temporarily disabled.

The issue of disabling ads for certain ethnics and cultures was discovered about a year ago by ProPublica. Even if the problem was reported to Facebook, the response was that it will be taken care of, but the issue kept reemerging again and again. After a while, Facebook decided to put a temporary stop to this feature of advertising to prevent advertising discrimination on their platform.

While the feature is disabled, Facebook will fix the issue to make the feature work as intended. It is supposed to be a multicultural platform next to the other elements that it offers. The new system should make all of the advertisers understand what they are choosing and that they are comprehending the anti-discrimination law and the policies of the social network.

Along with the new system, all of the ads will have additional review options, and in case someone finds ads from such category offensive or inappropriate towards their ethnic or cultural group, they will be able to send that information to Facebook, improving this system further. Of course, the system is not expected to be ideal right from the beginning, but as time goes on it will perfect itself as the community coordinates its filters.

Even if this issue might seem like a pretty big deal, in our opinion it is not that much to worry about.  The choice to remove some cultural or ethnic groups from the advertising program has positive and negative sides, but we believe that it does not have such a significant impact on the community as it is more of a matter of legal actions. The new features that have been mentioned above can be expected quite soon, but unless you are investing a lot into advertises, not much will change for you.

When one feature closes, another takes its place that will most likely be equally effective or better.

Posted on January 12, 2018 in Business and filed under Facebook.
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