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Facebook To Teach Digital Skills to Unemployed People in 30 Cities

Facebook announced that their project called Community Boost will travel to 30 American cities in 2018 with the goal of teaching digital skills to people who are unemployed, internet illiterate, and people who might be interested in entrepreneurship and business growth. The program is reported to have over ten million dollars invested into it according to Tech Crunch. Of course, there's one catch - the skills revolve only around Facebook and don't branch out into other areas such as resume building.

Of course, you can't blame Facebook for keeping the program centered around their platform. If they're teaching people skills to be utilized on Facebook, then Facebook inadvertently gains more impressions and boosts their own ad sales. I would consider this Facebook taking their profits and spending them on community outreach by investing in programs that work with people. They could easily put that money into Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account, but investing it back into the company and community is actually quite respectful.

It may be very self-serving towards Facebook, but if it teaches people how to use the platform to their advantage in a business or helps someone gain a job, then it's well worth it. Some jobs require social media expertise such as social account managers, advertising managers, and similar positions.

Facebook has invested over $1 billion into programs that support small businesses. One of those is a program called Boost Your Business which teaches people how to better manage their social media accounts. Another is called Blueprint and that appears to focus on social marketing skills. These tools are essentially important to anyone running a business and using Facebook (or any social media) to promote their business and increase sales.

If you want Facebook to visit your city, then complete this form and see if it happens!


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